Brigaldara. Perspective Valpolicella

The lands surrounding the XVI century villa in San Floriano constitute the historical nucleus of the estate, whose viticultural vocation dates back at least to the XII century.

Fourteen hectares in the heart of Valpolicella Classica, ten of which are cultivated with Corvina, Corvinone and Rondinella, authoctonous varieties of the area. The rest is planted with olive groves and fruit trees. The vineyards stretch partly at the foot of Monte Masua, along the valley that descends from Marano towards San Floriano and partly on the ridge of the same mount, a spectacular slope that rises up to 250 meters and is furrowed to the top by marogne - dry-stone walls that terrace the slope, whose origin dates back to the XVII century.


SOIL AND Exposition

The soils are mainly clayey-sandy with a tuff substrate that allows the roots of the vine to find moisture during the dry years, but also drain the rain water during the wettest ones. The south-southwestern exposure, which leaves the vineyards of Monte Masua under the shade in the early morning and under full sunlight during the following hours, allows the grapes to reach optimal ripeness, with a perfect balance between freshness and sugar content.


The spectacular location of the villa and the morphological characteristics of the area earned Brigaldara the title of perspective, as it was called by the locals: an overall view of the Marano Valley and a perfect synthesis of the Valpolicella Classica terroir.


A literary fact: due to their elevated position and the marvelous view of the surrounding landscape, the vineyards of Brigaldara are celebrated in Augusto Benedetti's book, Brigaldara. Un colle, una casa, una famiglia, dedicated to the memories of a childhood spent in those places:

This led to the "perspective", so called because, I believe, "it shows the whole surrounding scene" [...] A special viewpoint overlooking a vast area of my Valpolicella, from which you can admire a wonderful panorama: villages gathered around ancient churches with tall and massive bell towers; groups of houses and isolated ones; white ribbons of wide or narrow, straight or meandering roads: those very roads I have traveled so many times in my childhood.

Augusto Benedetti, Brigaldara. A hill, a house, a family, Verona, 1975.

From this vineyard we produce

Amarone Classico