Amarone della Valpolicella Classico

Tasting Notes

Garnet red with aromas of fruit jam, Moreno cherries, red cherries and vanilla. The aromas of dried fruit and spice come from the “appassimento” process. Our Amarone Classico is a full-bodied, elegant, complex and velvety wine.


The wine possesses notable clarity in a layered expression of bright red fruits. Perfumed aromatics add further complexity as the wine gains volume with air, revealing the full breadth of its pedigree. This focused, energetic wine is delicious now, but will be even better in another year or two.

The Amarone Classico is the result of a meticulous selection of only the highest quality grapes and a very rigourous drying processs.

The grapes for the production of the Amarone are bunches with loosely hanging grapes which enjoy good exposure to the sun. Before being left to rest in crates, the grapes are carefully selected in the vineyards so that any damaged or imperfect grapes are eliminated leaving only those which are suitable to be dried.

The grapes are left to dry for 120 days after which they are pressed and fermented. The grapes are fermented so that all of the noble components of the grape skins are extracted The Amarone Classico is a wine which reflects the traditional production methods of the area.

Only large capacity wooden barrels are used during the maturation process to ensure that the fruity aromas are not overpowered by the wood.

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