Tasting Notes

Fresh and fruity wine with notes of chamomile, peach and citrus, in which acidity plays an important role.


For our Soave we use only one grape variety: Garganega. A large sparse bunch and a medium-sized berry are the typical features of this autochthonous variety of the eastern part of Verona. For our Soave we preserve the natural aromas and flavors of the peel and transfer them into the wine during vinification. To do so, we use the selective cryoextraction - a partial freezing of the grapes - that protects them from oxidation and enables us to bring in the glass all the aromatic potential of the fresh garganega grapes. Other important elements to enhance the varietal aromatic components are: the microclimate of the bunch and the temperature of fermentation - always kept below 14 ° C.


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