Valpolicella Superiore Ripasso

tasting notes

Bright ruby. Aromas of red plum, marzapan and exotic flowers, along with a saline nuance. Juicy and tightly coiled on the palate, with strong acidity that preserves the red fruit and spice flavours. It finishes with good purity of fruit and length.



Our Valpolicella Ripasso Il Vegro is born from the refermentation of Valpolicella wine on the marcs of Amarone. After Amarone's fermetation, the wine is separated from the marcs, which still contain substances that can release fragrances and aromas. Valpolicella wine is then left in contact wih Amarone's marcs for ca. 5 days, thus triggering a new fermentation that enriches the structure of the wine and gives it withering notes that characterize it stongly. The result is a structured wine that is very balanced in taste, accompanied to the nose by slight hints of ripe and dried fruit that evolve during aging, increasing complexity.


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