Valpolicella Superiore Case Vecie


Brilliant ruby with hints of cherry, balsamic notes of vanilla and spices. Soft taste and good structure. It is a full-bodied wine, maintaining an average alcoholic content.



Valpolicella Superiore Case Vecie derives from the vinification of fresh grapes, mainly Corvina and Corvinone. It borrows its name frm the homonymous 10 ha-vineyard located in Grezzana - Valpantena. It is a unique vineyard, 450 mt/a.s.l. with a perfect south/easterly exposition. Here, the ripening of the grapes is subject to important thermal inversions between day and night that give the wine a particular spiciness to the nose and a unique polyphenolic profile. In the mouth, acidity denotes an important structure, thanks to the rigorous selection of the grapes and to the winemaking techniques employed to extract only the noblest components from the peel. Despite Valpolicella Superiore tries to keep anchored to its origins of drinkable wine, it actually combines complexity and structure given by slow maturation. The wine is then aged in 25 hl oak barrels for about 1 year.


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