Cavolo. The scent of Amarone

Cavolo vineyard is located in a small valley in the municipality of Grezzana, in Valpantena, at 130 meters above sea level, surrounded by almost two hectares of olive groves.

In Cavolo vineyard there is a prevalence of Corvinone variety. The soil is poor and stony, yet still perfectly suitable for the cultivation of the vine, which offers a limited production per plant and is characterized by strong roots that dig deep to search for those mineral microelements that give flavour and structure to the wine.



Cavolo is located in a peculiar valley, halfway between the upper and lower Valpantena, where climate is particularly mild. Here, temperature is on average higher than the surrounding areas, balancing the easterly exposure of the vineyard. This pedoclimatic condition guarantees a perfect and crunchy maturation of the grapes that results in a full-bodied and structured wine, with excellent concentration, vigor and an elegant floral bouquet.


The warm climate of the secluded and well protected valley enriches biodiversity and enables vines and - in some cases centennial - olive trees to prosper. The olive trees are an ancient and autochthonous cultivar called Grignano, widespread in Valpantena and in the northern areas of Lake Garda. This cultivar, characterized by low yields, has slowly adapted to a harsh and continental climate. The oil herewith produced stands out for its strong and savoury flavour, with peculiar herbaceous notes.

From this vineyard we produce

Cavolo Amarone