The Family



Starting in the early 1980s, Stefano decided to abandon his previous occupation to dedicate himself entirely to the wine production business. He did so by first renting and then acquiring the family vineyards from his father Lamberto. Under his leadership, Brigaldara grew year after year. Not just a growth in terms of business size, but a growth that paved a new innovative path that made Brigaldara what it is today: the ideal synthesis of the different perspectives on Valpolicella. Stefano rapidly became a known personality in the wine sector, holding positions of great responsibility (president of Consorzio Tutela Vini and Confagricoltura Verona, vice-president of Federdoc) and committing himself to promoting his territory before his own company. Thanks to his farsighted and innovative way of thinking, his admirable communication skills and a work ethic based on integrity and respect, he managed to surround himself with trusted collaborators and to create the beautiful family that Brigaldara is today.


Lamberto is Stefano's eldest son. He joined Brigaldara in the autumn of 2019, after collecting a wide range of experiences abroad - especially between Germany and England. Professional sailor, specialized in nautical insurances, he became passionate about the world of wine and decided to join the family business bringing great renewal with his arrival. Curious soul, he is quickly catching up on everything there is to know to guide Brigaldara in the best possible way. He mainly deals with the German, English and Southeast Asian markets, as well as with everything that is related to communication.


Antonio is Stefano's youngest son. Born in 1990, his first approach to agriculture was in 2011 during university, working alongside his father Stefano. He also joined the Italian National Association of Young Farmers (ANGA), taking on different positions at provincial, national and european level. Thanks to his new approach, Brigaldara underwent a digital revolution. Over the years, Antonio has learned every little detail in Brigaldara's management. Today he is in charge of the US market and is accountable for the daily management of the winery.

Maria Gilla

Wife and mother, exceptional landlady, after a graduation in Law and a working experience in the conference sector, she also decided to join the company, working with her husband during the steady but tumultuous growth of the past years. She manages customers, suppliers and coordinates the office.



Enrico Nicolis

Enrico holds a Master cum Laude in Oenology and Viticulture from the University of Verona (2005), where he worked for several years as research assistant along with Prof. Ferrarini, university professor and innovative winemaker, as well as one of the gratest innovators of Amarone winemaking techniques. Enrico arrived in Brigaldara when he was still in university and joined Roberto in his research and consultancy activities in Italy and especially abroad, where he became wine consultant for important wineries in Croatia and Romania. After Roberto's untimely death, Stefano decided to bet on Roberto's young pupil. Thanks to his many talents and solid international experiences, Enrico embarked on his new role with enthusiasm: since 2015 he has been Brigaldara’s oenological production manager.

Marco Furia

Like Enrico, also Marco belongs to the circle of Ferrarini's young students. He arrived in Brigaldara in 2010 after having gained local and international experiences in Valpolicella, Napa Valley in California, Marlborough in New Zealand and in the Barossa Valley in Australia. His great talent grew with Brigaldara and in a very short time he became responsible for the entire productive process, starting when the grapes arrive in the cellar and finishing with bottling. He guides a team of two other young winemakers, Enrico and Valerio, who support him daily in the cellar.